Who we are...

The band formed in May 2017, primarily to play covers we all loved to listen to.  Paul, Barney  and Mark have been in original bands (“Goodbye Hayley Mills”, “The Vanity Rules”) together, never playing covers.  When “Goodbye Haley Mills” met its inevitable end in April 2017, the 3 of us decided to just jam some covers.  We sat in a pub and wrote down the music we liked listening to, listed a few bands we were in to and got down to playing for fun. To our great surprise it sounded pretty good but we were of course missing a singer.

In walks Steven, a seasoned singer from bands such as "Crimson Skies" and "Last Anthem".  He’s the baby of the band as the rest of us are older than dirt.  We now have nearly 2 hours of cover material which is an eclectic mix of rock, pop and punk.  As well as some of the “usual suspects” we try to pick songs that are not the most obvious picks from the famous bands we cover.  It keeps it interesting and we feel it makes us a little different from the rest.

Update:  Young Lewis has taken over the drumming duties now that Barney has other work commitments.  He's a cracking drummer and fits in well with band.